Why is it all so hard?

EASY ANSWERS makes the hard questions easy and the easy ones hard.

This is the home of SINISTRA BLACK (she/her): Writer-Directress, event producer, social media troublemaker, and rainbow-goth Transgender Anarchist Sorceress. You can support her work monthly, here or on her Patreon—or in bursts on Venmo: @SinBlack.

Come for the scorching takes on pop culture + media + justice—stay for the accessible, startling gender wisdom and Left-hand turns into the strange and mysterious matters of the Spirit.

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I believe in the power of ideas and language to shape our reality, both within and without. “Magic” is one way of thinking about the use of symbolic means to achieve material ends: this space is my magic. Join me in unraveling the spells that have been cast upon us—and in casting new ones that illuminate the world.

What we think is complicated can be made easy to understand—and what we think is easy to understand, needs to be made complicated.

So really: what’s the worst that could happen? Because oh, my friends — it will.

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We make the hard questions easy and the easy ones hard. Scorching wisdom on pop culture, media, politics, gender, and spirituality.


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